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世界杯开户 was formed in 2013 to solve a problem that exists in the United States for people at greatest risk. Many people with multiple chronic health conditions rely on hospital emergency rooms as their primary source of health care. For our families, loved ones and communities, that simply isn’t good enough.

So we set out to change it.

Changing the status quo requires expertise.

世界杯开户 assembled a team of leaders with experience in complex panel management, in-home medical care, risk-based partnerships and operational excellence.

Becca Miller Rose
Dr. 迈克尔·勒
Eric Van角
Vinay Mascarenhas
Dr. Christopher Dennis
Dr. John Broderick
Dr. 大卫副大臣
Dr. Christopher Stark
Dr. Pamela Sullivan



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世界杯开户 personalizes patient care.

世界杯开户 approaches care using the patient’s personal health characteristics, not historical utilization. We respond to patients 24/7. Our medical care is in addition to patients’ regular primary care providers and other specialists. 世界杯开户’s team works with the primary care provider. We provide care to the whole patient with proven outcomes.


Hospital Admissions Reductions

5 Star Quality Ratings

5 Star Quality Ratings


Patients Out of The Hospital

*For 世界杯开户 patients in the first six months of engagement compared to the trend in utilization for statistically matched non-engaged patients. 楚,Lihao. A House-Call program that reduces unnecessary variation in utilization and spending among patients with poly chronic conditions. Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, 6月 25 2018, Seattle, WA. Unpublished conference paper. 世界杯开户 Health, LLC, Huntington Beach, 2018. 打印. **世界杯开户 Health 2020 patient satisfaction survey.

The Genesis of 世界杯开户

We are not only improving the quality of our patients' lives, we are extending life.


We always do what’s right, even when it’s not easy.

Employees who thrive at 世界杯开户 believe in our purpose to change health care for complex, chronic patients. We carry the mantra given by our founders that we always do what’s right, even when it’s not easy.

Changing the status quo takes hard, dedicated work. But doing that work for the greater good motivates us and moves us forward.


“We work with great people and we’re also able to make an impact in the healthcare industry that’s very groundbreaking.”

Dr. 托尼·卡恩 医生

"After almost 2 decades in healthcare, I never felt I was making a difference until I came to 世界杯开户. 世界杯开户 is my forever."

Ariane Stranges Clinical Supervisor

"世界杯开户 Health has allowed me to grow professionally while also allowing me to follow my passion of helping people. It’s a match made in heaven."

Brittney Heller Outreach Supervisor

Delivering comprehensive care to patients whenever and wherever they need it.

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